Paul Robertson discusses the day that Harold Wilson visited Stevenage.

Paul talks about the day that Harold Wilson visited Stevenage, and how he helped with the red carpet- and eventually clearing it away by himself!

Stevenage Museum




I rememeber the day Harold Wilson came, I rolled out the red carpet for him. No well I was asked that morning, cos I had to be in there, I don’t know why I was there. Cos I was in the Mecca. And Bert he was the Maintenance Manager and he had a red carpet and he’d had it cleaned and he said I think the Queen was the last one who stepped on it and I don’t know where he got this carpet from but it didn’t it wasn’t owned by the Mecca so somebody must of got it up so we knew, when we knew that Harold Wilson was turning up so, there was 3 of us rolled the carpet out just before he got there. Rolled this carpet out to the edge of the road and I always remember he walked in, he never said hello to me anyway, he walked straight in and we were in the background and I always remember I was the only it rolled it back up again. I looked around there was nobody else to help me so I had to roll up this carpet up myself that was the day Harold Wilson came to town.

Robertson 2016

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