John Balchin discusses working two jobs when he started out in Stevenage

John Balchin talks about his background in academia and working two jobs when he started out in Stevenage: both Senior Lecturer at Brunel and General Manager for Stevenage.

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John: They wanted to create this course and they were looking for somebody who could do that. And I applied for the job and I got it without any problems because I was able to bring to the university a practical input. And that quite enjoyable, I worked there for nearly two years I suppose but I hadn’t been there long when a Stevenage vacancy occurred and so for a year and a quarter I suppose I was both senior lecturer at Brunel and general manager here.

Interviewer: I see yes I didn’t realise you..

John: Do two jobs you can do that when you’re new to Stevenage as I was you can lean heavily on your chief officers, and because you’re not altogether in it, it takes less out of you and you can do your other jobs simultaneously. Which I did. And then finally when they found a replacement for me, it took them more than, nearly 2 years. I was a free man and able to concentrate more on Stevenage activities.

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