Arriving in Hemel Hempstead

Phyliss Coomber remembers her move from Wembley and working at Rolls Razor.

Contributed by The Dacorum Heritage Trust Ltd


This interview was recorded in 1997 and every effort has been made to find a member of the interviewee’s family.  If you, or someone you know is related to Phyliss Coomber (nee Wetherall) please contact the museum (The Dacorum Heritage Trust Ltd) directly 01442 879525 or we would like to hear from you.


PC : My husband came out of the army and there was, I used to work at Rolls Razors from when I was 14 until I was 21, when I had my child. My husband came out of the army in 1946, we knew that we’d never get a house on the Wembley Council, so he started at Rolls Razor because it was like a family affair. If you worked there or a brother you got in. We were just like a family. I was 14 and I was doing the ‘old’ Rolls Razor, which was like a strop and you stropped it up and down, it was like a wet shaver.

I : Okay and what does your husband do

PC : He was in the, oh dear, in the milling, in the milling part in Rolls Razors but that part came out to Hemel Hempstead.

I : Is that how you met?

PC : No, I met my husband during the war, when I was 15 and I married him when I was nearly 19. I think it was about a year before they said that they were planning to build another factory for the, only for the electric razor and being as my husband worked on the electric razor, he was allowed to come out here and I got on to the Wembley Council and my name was taken off and we came down here. And that’s why we pioneered in 1952.

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