Peter and Barbara Metcalf about the Roman find, and finding Tudor Glass in Stevenage

A boy found a piece of genuine Tudor glass from the 1500s while Barbara Metcalf was teaching.

Stevenage Museum


Peter: You can still pick up sharpened, sharpened stones and things in the garden here, after they dug up the Roman stuff there, I’ve looked at the ground more carefully than normally. And it’s surprising what I think I found what I think I found.

Barbara: And once at Round Diamond, one of, one of the seven year old boys I was teaching, brought, brought in a beautiful piece of blue glass, very very thick glass and it had a date stamped on it and the date, the date was Armada year, 1588. And I well no, I looked at it and thought oh this was something that was done as a commemoration of the Armada say, you know…

Peter: In the eighteenth century

Barbara: in the twentieth century but he…

Peter: It wasn’t, it was genuine.

Barbara: It was genuine.

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