What the people of Hemel Hempstead thought of the new arrivals

Una Taber talks about trying to fit in with the Hemel Hempstead locals

Contributed by The Dacorum Heritage Trust Ltd

Una's first house


Anne was born on the 8th September and I had to go into St Pauls Hospital, which wasn’t very good because we hadn’t found the Hemel People very friendly and when I went in nobody spoke to me or anything, until one time the matron I think she was, she wasn’t very nice, she upset me and I started to cry and they did actually come and speak to me and it turned out that the reason that they were very against the new town and the new people coming they thought we were taking their houses and then when we were talking about rents and when we told them, I told them how much we were paying which I think was about 31 shillings and something they were absolutely astounded because they were only paying 10 shillings so they changed their attitudes and they got very friendly and were quite nice to me in the end except one time we had to shop there was only the old high street to shop and there was Woolworths there and we were in there shopping one day and I went waiting to be served and the lady came and served me and suddenly someone said that’s right serve the foreigners first and we were classed as foreigners

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