Sharon Taylor about going to London in the sidecar of a motorcycle

When Sharon first lived in Stevenage the whole family would go to London in her dad's motorcycle with sidecar - wrapped in blankets.

Stevenage Museum

Young women with two children and a BSA 500 motorbike.
Stevenage Museum


… And I can remember quite often, at Christmas, we’d wait till he’d finished work. We’d all be in our pyjamas, and we’d all be bundled into the side car in our pyjamas. And we’d stop in – my uncles-in-laws lived in Welwyn Garden City, in those days. So we’d stop there for a cup of tea on the way, I mean-you don’t even think about it now, its thirty miles. But it was a long journey on motorbike and side car on the … type of roads we had then. So we’d stop in Welwyn Garden City for a cup of tea and then we’d go on to my grandma’s which was in east London. And we’d all be asleep in the second part of the journey, you know, in the side car. Mum and dad would be on the motorbike. So we’d either go like that, which was-I mean we loved it when we were kids, you know. Now I’d be… you know, I’m not sure I wanna’ go that way. But, when you’re kids it’s just a big adventure, it’s lovely.

Sharon Taylor 2007.

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