Denzil Oulton discusses moving to Stevenage with his family [Text only]

'Bearing in mind that in London the accommodation was quite tight and restricted...'

Stevenage Museum

Bearing in mind that in London the accommodation was quite tight and restricted so that to be able to bring a family to Stevenage for a large family house was not to be sneezed at. So yes the family came, at that time the family was 4 children and my wife so there was 6 of us and she was expecting at that time as well so the next, the last child was born in Stevenage, so he is well and truly a Stevenage Person.

Everything dropped into place at the time. I came to look at the house and the other house, the first one and I liked it. I liked it because when the lady at the housing department said, “well you walk up the passage, the pathway up to the school and turn right and come into Rockingham Way,” and I realised that the school was just next door and the children wouldn’t have to cross the road to get to school. That was the first thing. You know that was the first thing and it was only 5 minutes at the time, I was much younger, to walk to the town centre, the railway station at the time was further on up in the old town but the bus station was here and I thought well, everything is in the same place, right so I’ll take this.

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