The first minister at the Adeyfield Free Church

Nellie Black remembers how the Adeyfield community found their minister, and his kind acts.

Contributed by The Dacorum Heritage Trust Ltd


This interview was recorded in 2003 and every effort has been made to find a member of the interviewees’ family.  If you, or someone you know is related to Nellie Black please contact the museum (The Dacorum Heritage Trust Ltd) directly 01442 879525 or we would like to hear from you.


We needed a minister, the congregational church advised us how we had to go and get someone. Gave us a list, and put us in touch with the correct people. We asked one gentleman to come, he came to our house actually and met the, if you’d like to call them the ‘officials of the church’, although the, he was the man for us. He came to live in one of the new town houses, with his family, 3 boys and he came on the smallest stipend that he could manage on because we were having to pay it. He was a wonderful man, very much involved with the new town and he was visiting people when they came into the new houses. One lot  of houses, hadn’t, had barely been built, when the people came in and it was very, very bad weather, very cold and he went around the people he knew, borrowing electric fires, because there’s no heating in the houses. One day I saw him cycling along Longlands with an electric fire on his handlebars, it was fun! But he never had a car, used to cycle all over, he was involved with the hospital as a chaplain and he used to go along to an old peoples meeting in the Adeyfield hall.

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