Ken Ellis discusses the reaction to the new town [Text only]

'Well London itself, in this particular case, was in a sorry state...'

Stevenage Museum

Well London itself, in this particular case, was in a sorry state and the people there weren’t living in sort of conditions that one feels that ones fellow men should live under and they made New Towns, that were to clear out London and bring them into better conditions those people.  And this was done and I liked Stevenage Old Town as it was originally as a youngster and since the New Town came along all that its done all the planning that went into it.  It’s turned out a good venture and I like Stevenage as it is.

Some people in the Old Town objected to the New Town coming.  When Silkin, the Minister came down, he really got it in the neck from these people they felt very strongly about it and quite a number of people did move out at different times because of the coming New Town.  Nevertheless I liked the town as it was and I like it as it is.  It hasn’t from my angle anyway interfered. I think in a way it’s the way it’s been planned that it’s improved the facilities for all of us, much better than was.

But do you not think some of the antagonism of the Old Towner’s towards the idea of a New Town in the first place was because of an unfortunate remark made by Silkin?

Whether he had said that remark or nothing at all, I think those individuals who objected to the New Town coming would have objected anyway.

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